An iron full-rigged ship built in 1874 by R. Duncan & Co., Port Glasgow. Dimensions: 235'0"×37'0"×21'8" and tonnage: 1332 GRT, 1264 NRT, 1194 tons under deck and 2300 DWT.
1874 December
Launched at the shipyard of R. Duncan & Co., Port Glasgow, for T.O. Hunter & Co., Greenock. Assigned the official British Registration No. 72377 and signal NRKB.
LR 1879-80: Master: Captain D. Phillips.
Captain W. Dornen.
LR 1889-90: Owner: Caitloch SC (T.O. Hunter & Co.), Greenock.
1891 February 10
Drifted with the strong tide while discharging nitrate in Hamburg and collided with the barque Dunnerale. The Caithloch subsequently capsized when the tide went out and sank.
Sold to Carl August Banck, Helsingborg, for £5500 and was repaired. Assigned the Swedish signal HVRJ but was never registered. Captain Nils Th. Pyk, Helsingborg.
Collided with a coaster on voyage from Falmouth to Greenock and received considerable hull damage but was able to return to Falmouth.
1895 February 11
Left Falmouth for Greenock under tow by the steam tug Flying Eagle.
1895 February 13
Both the tug and the Caitloch stranded at the Southern tip of the Arran Island and were wrecked. The wreck of the Caitloch was subsequently sold at auction for £ 170.


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