Christian Radich

A three-masted full-rigged steel ship built in 1937 at the Framnæs Mek. Verksted, Sandefjord. Her dimensions are 53×9,7×4,5?(d) meters and tonnage 696 GRT and 207 NRT. Rigged with royals over single top-gallant and double top-sails.
Launched at the shipyard of Framnæs Mek. Verksted, Sandefjord, Norway, for the Østlandets Skoleskib, Oslo, as a replacement for the brig Statsraad Erichsen.
1940 April
Seized by the German navy to be used as a submarine mothership.
Without masts and half-sunk.
Major repairs at the Marinens Hovedverft, Horten.

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