Three-masted iron ship built in 1861 by Thomas Vernon & Son, Liverpool. Dimensions 209'0"×34'0"×22'6" and tonnage 1150 GRT, 1130 NRT, and 1057 tons uner deck.
1861 July
Launched at the shipyard of T. Vernon & Son, Liverpool. Assigned the English signal letters TKNV.
Owned by W. Dixon, Liverpool, and commanded by Captain Alexander [LR 1865-66].
Owned by W. Dixon, Liverpool, and commanded by Captain G. Massey [LR 1870-71].
Commanded by Captain Alexander [LR 1870-71].
Sailed from England [Plymouth?] to New Zealand with 222 emigrants.
1876 June
Re-rigged as a barque and at the subsequent survey the tonnage was reduced to 1115 NRT due to repairs and rebuilding.
1878 November
Surveyed in London.
Owned by H. Flinn & Co., Liverpool, and commanded by Captain A. Hardy [LR 1879-80].
1883 January 11 — April 12
Sailed from Plymouth to Port Adelaide in 91 days. In command of Captain John Jarvis.
1883 October 4
Arrived to San Francisco from Newcastle, NSW.
1884 May 4
Arrived to Belfast from San Francisco with a cargo of grain.

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