Clan MacLeod

A three-masted iron barque built in 1874 by Bartran, Haswell & Co, Sunderland, England, as the Clan MacLeod for Thomas Dunlop. Her dimensions are: 54,71×9,54×5,33(d) [179'5"×31'3"×17'5"] and with a tonnage of 671 GRT, 646 NRT and 629 tons under deck.
1874 February 18
Launched at the shipyard of Bartran, Haswell & Co, Sunderland, for Thomas Dunlop & Co., Glasgow. Assigned the Official British Reg. No. 6806 and signal MRVJ.
1877 July 29
Put into Rio de Janeiro for repairs aftre having received storm damage off Cape Horn.
LR 1879-1880: Captain R. Wilson, master.
Sailed from Portland, OR, to Queenstown f.o. in 113 days.
Sold to Sir Roderick W. Cameron, Glasgow.
Captain H. Whitney replaces Captain MacLeod as master of the ship.
Sailed from Wellington, NZ, to Boston, MA, in 75 days.
1900 August 15
Sold to J.J Craig, Auckland, New Zealand. Employed in the Tasman trade.
1905 December 14
Renamed James Craig.
Laid up due to lack of work. Sold to British New Guinea Development Co.
Sold to H. Jones & Co. and was re-rigged at Sydney.
Condemned and and laid up at Hobart, Tasmania.
Beached at Recherche Bay, Tasmania, and was abandoned.
Towed to Sydney for restoration.

Presently preserved as a museum ship at the Sydney Heritage Fleet where she is undergoing restoration. See also the official James Craig page.

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