An iron fullrigged ship built in 1876 by Archibald McMillan & Son, Dumbarton. Dimensions: 271'4"×35'2"×20'1" and tonnage: 1074 GRT, 1046 NRT and 946 tons under deck.

The model of the Coriolanus was awarded the Gold Medal at the Shipwright's Exhibition in London 1877.

Rigged with a main skysail, and royal sails over double top and single topgallant sails.

1876 May
Launched at the shipyard of Archibald McMillan & Son, Dumbarton, for John Patton, Jr & Co., London. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 73665 and signal QKTJ.
Sailed from Scilly Islands to Calcutta in 69 days under command of Capt. McLachlan. This passage time has been equalled but never beaten.
Sold to John Stewart & Co., London. [Henderson has 1884]
Captain J.T. Torkilsen was given command of the ship.
1890 February
Collided with and sank the steamer Claymore on voyage from the Iquique with nitrate.
Sold to I.F. Ramien, Elsfleth, Germany, for £8000. Capt. I. Götting was given command of the ship.
1902 September 1
Grounded at Port Elizabeth, Algoa Bay, during a storm and was severely damaged together with the barques Nautilus and Arnold. Was condemned due to the damages.
Sold to E.B. Aaby, Drammen, Norway and was reduced to a royal-sail rigged barque. Renamed Lina according to Höver.
British owners.
Sold to American owners who registered the ship in Panama and renamed her Tiburon. [Henderson has 1922]
1921 July
Was arrested in Boston with a cargo of alcohol.
Sold to Louis d'Oliviera for $7525 and was renamed Eugenia Emilia.
Arrested with contraband and sold at New Bedford to J.O. Amarantes, Praia, Cape Verde, for $6750.
Sold to Abilio Monteior de Macedo, Praia, for $1000 and was renamed Coriolanus.
Sold to Arthur B. Cotnoir, New Bedford, MA, for $690.
1931 December
Sold to Clarence Nelson Rogers, Boston, MA, for $250.
1936 August
Towed to the General Iron Smelting Co., Fall River, MA, to be broken up.


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