An iron barque built in 1877 by A. MacMillan & Son, Dumbarton, as yard no. 204. Dimensions 219'4"×34'0"×20'0" and 1040 GRT, 1005 NRT, 950 tons under deck.
1877 August
Launched at the shipyard of A. MacMillan & Son, Dumbarton, for Wilson & Finlayson, Glasgow. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 76805 and signal QWNV.
LR 1879-80: Owner: Finlayson; Master: J.M. Finlayson.
Captain R.H. White.
LR 1889-90: Owner: D. Finlayson.
Sold to O.R. Føreid, Grimstad, and was renamed Grande.
1915 September 9
Sold to Rederi AB Gemma (A. Pedersen), Gothenburg, and was renamed Zaritsa. Assigned the official Swedish Reg. No. 5752 and signal JVLN. The new measurements were 64,04×10,39×6,10 meters and 1057 GRT, 955 NRT and 1600 DWT. Captain Nils Hallberg, Kivik.
1915 November
Captain Carl Oscar Wahlquist, Kalmar.
1919 January 1
Acquired by Rederi AB Mimosa, Stockholm, after the bankrupt of Rederi AB Gemma.
1922 November 22
Sold at auction to John Erik Forssberg & Didrik Kindborg, Karlskrona, for SEK 6500.
1925 January 12
Sold to Hugo Lundqvist, Mariehamn, for SEK 35.000. 1057 GRT and 956 NRT. Captain Alfred Holmberg.
1927 November 18
Sank 18 miles W of Strömmingsbådan, Gulf of Bothnia, with a cargo of timber after having received some ice damage. The crew was picked up by the Finnish ice breaker Voima.


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