An iron barque built in 1877 by Alexander Hall & Co., Aberdeen, Scotland, as Yard No. 294. Her dimensions were originally given as 149'6"×28'0"×14'5" and tonnage 431 GRT, 409 NRT and 391 tons under deck. She has a raised quarter deck of 34 ft and a forecastle of 19 ft.

1877 October
Launched at the shipyard of Alexander Hall & Co., Aberdeen, for Henry F. Watt, Liverpool. Assigned the British Registration No. 78726 and signal WVKG. Captain G. Wheaton was appointed master of the ship.
Captain J. Williams was given command of the ship.
Sold to A/S Fjeld (Bugge & Olsen), Larvik, Norway, and was renamed Fjeld. She was kept in the South American trade with Captain H. Andersen as master.
1912 February 22
Sold in Le Havre to Holmström & Co., Torekov, Sweden, for SEK 18.000.
1912 March
Sold to H.A. Höglund & Carl Constantin Johansson, Kalmar, Sweden, for SEK 19.000 and renamed Gustaf. Captain Gustaf Walfrid Nilsson, Kalmar, became her master. The Swedish measurements were: 49,97×8,56×4,47 meters and 432,17 GRT.
In command of Captain Johan Walfrid Johansson, Kalmar.
Re-rigged to a barquentine during the winter. Captain Carl Victor Eliasson, Oskarshamn, took over as master.
1915 October 26
Sold while in Sundsvall to Nils Österman & Co., Stockholm, for SEK 40.000.
1916 May 22
Sold to August Gilbert Melin, Marstrand, Sweden.
1916 August 9
90 % of the shares were bought by Rederi AB Åse (Beril William Egnell), Marstrand, for SEK 72.000.
Laid up at Marstrands Varv and was repaired.
An Avance oil-engine was installed.
1918 September 27
Sold to the Sven Salén, Göteborg, for SEK 423.000.
1919 September 23
Sold to William Millar, Gothenburg, for SEK 297.000. Captain Eliasson handed over the ship to Captain Gustaf Arth. Johansson Bartley, Gothenburg.
1920 April 21
The command of the ship is taken over by Captain Axel Wilhelm Gustaf Osterman, Lekåsa.
1922 July 27
New master Captain Carl Wilhelm Olsson, Ryssby.
In command of Captain Sven Carlsson, Göteborg.
In command of Captain Axel Hjalm. Wallin, Göteborg.
In command of Captain Sven Carlsson, Göteborg.
In command of Captain Carl WilhelmOlsson, Kalmar.
1929 September 25
Sold to AB John Millars Eftr. (Ernst Ludvig Ramberg), Göteborg, for SEK 5.500.
1929 October 31
Sold to Erik Nylund, Mariehamn, Åland, for SEK 23.000.
The masts were removed and the sailing ship bow altered in the re-building to a motorship.
Sold to AB P. Molander Oy, Björneborg, Finland, but registered in Sideby.
Transferred to Molander Oy Telmita AB, Kristinestad.
Sold to Rederi AB Gustaf (Hugo Boström), Helsingfors.
1959 December
Sold to A. Kavadas & D. Vassilatos, Piraievs, Greece and renamed Christophoros.
Sold to M. Christidou, P. Konidaris et al., Piraieus, and renamed Achaios.
Seized by Greek authorities.
1970 November
Bought by the marine archaeologist Peter Throckmorton from a Greek ship breaking yard and was renamed [New] Pioneer.
1975 October
Sold to the Galveston Historical Foundation for USD 40.000 who bought the ship with the intention to restore her to sailing order.
1979 July 20
Arrived in Galveston.
1982 July 4
Opened to the public as a floating museum.
Sailed to New York to participate in the Tall Ships' parade.
Presently a museum ship in Galveston, TX, from where she also makes her yearly sailing.

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