Iron fullrigged ship built in 1864 by Ramsey Shipbuilding Co., Isle of Man. Dimensions: 62,80×10,10×7,08 m [206'×35'3"×23'1"] and tonnage 1238 GRT, 1193 NRT and 2000 DWT. The forecastle was 38' long and the poop 62'.
1864 April
Launched for Wakefield & Co., Liverpool.
Sold to D. Brown, Liverpool.
Sold to Edward Bates & Sons, Liverpool.
Sold to J. Lidgett & Sons, London.
Sold to Foley & Co., London.
1892 March 12
Arrived to Hamburg with a cargo of nitrate from Iquique.
1892 April 7
Capsized at the America Quay and sank,
1892 July 8
Sold at a public auction for SEK 30.100 to Handels AB Sölvesborgs Skeppsvarf (Otto Banck), Sölvesborg, Sweden.
1892 July 25
Towed to Sölvesborg by the steamer Vulcan to be repaired.
1894 January 31
Left Helsingborg for Garston Docks, England, with a cargo of beams.
1894 February 7
Stranded at Høien, Denmark, not far from the Scaw Point.


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