An iron full-rigged ship built in 1874 by Robert Duncan, Glasgow, as Yard No. 80. Dimensions 239'7"×36'0"×20'7 and tonnage 1246 NRT, 1310 GRT and 1125 tons under deck. Sister ship to the same owner's Dunedin (1874), Canterbury (1874), Auckland (1874), Nelson (1874), and the Wellington (1874). Rigged with royals and double topsails.
1874 June
Launched at the shipyard of Robert Duncan, Glasgow, for Albion Shipping Co. (James Galbraith), Glasgow. Assigned the Official British Reg. No. 68117 and signal NCMP.
1874 June 16
Sailed from Glasgow with 390 passengers to Port Chalmers in 90 days under command of Captain Tilly.
1875 July 1
Sailed from ... under command of Captain Peacock to Port Chalmers in 87 days or 78 days land to land.
In command of Captain Muir.
In command of Captain Tom Bowling.
1904 August 27 - December 18
Sailed from Sydney with a cargo to Queenstown f.o. in 113 days.
Sold to Norwegian owners and was renamed Varg.
1905 February 20
Left the Clyde for Christiania with a siffening of coal. She never reached her destination and it is believed she foundered due to insufficient ballast.


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