Jane Porter

An iron fullrigged ship built in 1860 by Harland & Wolff, Belfast, as yard no. 5. Dimensions: 200'6"×31'8"×21'1" and tonnage: 953 GRT, 953 NRT and 893 tons under deck.
1860 September
Launched at the shipyard of Harland & Wolff, Belfast, for J.P. Corry & Sons, Belfast. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 28835 and signal QCFJ. Originally employed in the Indian jute trade.
Re-rigged as barque.
1889 July
Sold to W. Ross & Co., Belfast.
Sold to H. Burmeister & Co., Hamburg, and was renamed Nanny.
Was dis-masted in a storm in the North Atlantic but could be brought into Dunkerque.
1902 October 27
Sold to John E. Olsson, Gothenburg, and was renamed Trichera after that she had been re-rigged again. Assigned the official Swedish Reg. No. 4094 and signal JNCD. The new measurements were 1003 GRT, 959 NRT and 1420 DWT. Captain K.J. Hermansson.
1904 February
Probably re-rigged as a barquentine at this time.
1905 May 31
Drifted ashore at Port Natal.
There is a picture of the Jane Porter as a fullrigged ship in Sea Breezes Vol. 6 (1948), p 95.


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