Jeanne d'Arc

Three-masted steel barque built in 1891 by Chantiers de la Loire, St Nazaire. Tonnage: 1303 GRT, and 1125 NRT.
Launched at shipyard of Chantiers de la Loire, St Nazaire, for H. Prentout-Leblond & Boniface, Rouen.
Sailed Port Pirie - Antwerpen in 168 days.
Sold to Paul Dor, Marseille.
1903 August 11
When 60 miles off Funchal 20 inches of water was found in the hold and the barque took a heavy list. The crew abandoned the ship and reached Funchal September 5.
1903 September 6
Jeanne d'Arc was found by the British steamer Obidense towed to Funchal .
1904 May 28
Arrived at Marseilles from Funchal under tow by the tug Phocéen.
1905 January
Sold to Fratelli Pollio, Castellamare, for £ 2730 and renamed the Doride.
1916 September 19
Sunk west of Sicily by the German submarine U-35.

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