Lady Elizabeth

An iron barque built in 1879 by Robert Thompson Jr, Sunderland. Dimensions 68,02×10'38×6,53 meters [223'0"×35'0"×21'4"] and tonnage 1208 GRT, 1155 NRT and 1091 tons under deck.
1879 June 4
Launched at the shipyard of Robert Thompson Jr, Sunderland. Sold to John Wilson, London, after completion. Assigned the Official British Rego. No. 81576 and signal JFQB.
1879 September 11 - January 30
Sailed from North Shields with 1760 tons of coal to Bombay in 132 days.
1884 March 15
Declared bankruptcy and was sold to Capt. George Christian Karran, Castletown, Ilse of Man, by the Merchant Banking Company of London.
Captain Lever replaced Capt. Karran who was transferred to the Manx King.
Sold to Skibsaktieselskabet "Lady Elizabeth" (Lars Lydersen), Sundet, Norway, for £ 3250.
1912 December 4
Left Vancouver, BC, with a cargo of timber for Delagoa Bay.
1913 February 24
Experienced heavy weather off Cape Horn and lost four men, the wheel, compass, lifeboat and received considerable damage.
1913 March 12
Grounded outside the harbour of Port Stanley, Falkland Islands, where she was seeking refuge. Was condemned after inspection by a diver from Montevideo and the ship was sold for £ 1000 and the cargo for £ 2000 to the Falkland Island Company. Used as a floating warehouse.
1936 February 17
Drifted aground in Whalebone Cove.
The hull remains with lower masts standing at the Falkland Islands today.


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