Mabel Young

An iron barque built in 1877 by Alexander Stephen & Sons, Glasgow, as Yard No. 215. Dimensions: 211'0"×33'6"×20'45 and tonnage: 1046 GRT, 1015 NRT and ____ tons under deck. Rigged with royals, over single topgallant and double topsails.
1877 November 21
Launched at the shipyard of Alexander Stephen & Sons, Glasgow, for Killick, Martin, Ritchie and others, London. Assigned the official British Reg. No. ____ and signal ____. Employed in the ... trade. Captain Joseph Smith Crane late of the same owner's ship John C. Munro.
1878 January 17 - June 2
Sailed from Glasgow to San Francisco in 136 days.
1878 July 30 - November 25
Sailed from San Francisco to Liverpool in 118 days with a cargo of wheat. The Dallam Tower which sailed on the same day as the Mabel Young arrived to Liverpool 122 days out.
1878 December 23 - April 15
Sailed from Liverpool to Calcutta in 113 days.
1879 June 10
Sailed from Calcutta for Dundee with a cargo of 1220 tons of jute, 150 tons of bone dust and 50 tons of old iron.
1879 July 31
Foundered some 30 miles SE of Algoa Bay on voyage from Calcutta to Dundee with a cargo of jute.


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