An iron full-rigged ship built in 1862 by Hill, Port Glasgow. Dimensions 65,39×22,04×6,98 meters [214'4"×36'2"×22'9"] and 1333 GRT, 1248 NRT and 1176 tons under deck.
1862 April
Launched at the shipyard of Hill, Port Glasgow, for Potter, Wilson & Son, Glasgow. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 44774 and signal TWLS.
Sold to the British Shipowners Co. (James Beazley), Liverpool.
1880 May 11
48 shares were sold to R.W. Leyland & Co., Liverpool, who became the managing owner of the ship.
Captain Edward Watkins was appointed master of the vessel.
1895 October 25
Abandoned in a sinking condition off Schouwen.


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