An iron barque built in 1876 by Gourlay Brothers & Co., Dundee, as yard mo. 73. Dimensions 61,23×10,40×5,92 [203'8"×33'8"×19'9"] and tonnage 1013 GRT and 894 NRT.
Launched at the shipyard of Gourlay Brothers, Dundee, for A.M. Lawrence & Co., London.
Sold to M. Little, London.
Sold to Bank Shipping Co. Ltd. (W. Just & Co.), Liverpool.
Sold to A/S Oaklands (Mathias Hansen), Kristiansand. [Lille has 1901]
1921 November 14
Sold to Tufve Persson and partners, Brantevik, for SEK 28.000. Assigned the official Swedish Reg. No. 6739 and signal KDNC. The new Swedish measurements were 60,5×10,3×7,0 meters and 1013 GRT, 894 NRT and 1450 DWT. Captain John Andersson.
1924 March 26
Sold to Rederi AB Oaklands (Sam Andersson), Gothenburg, for SEK 36.000.
1925 November
Sold to Captain Arthur Andersson, Mariehamn, for £ 2400.
1933 October 19
Stranded at Hven but was refloated on October 31 after which the ship was brought to Copenhagen for repairs.
Sold to Grimstad, Norway, to be broken up.
1935 April - May 6
Sailed from Mariehamn to Grimstad where she was broken up.


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