A steel fullrigged ship built in 1889 by Charles Connell & Co., Glasgow. Dimensions 75,82x11,40x6,95 meters [258'8"×38'7"×22'7"] and 1664 GRT and 1592 NRT and 2700 DWT. Rigged with royal sails over double top and single topgallant sails.
1889 February 11
Launched at the shipyard of Charles Connell & Co., Glasgow, for Alb. Evers & Clasen, Hamburg. Assigned the German signal RHMN. Captain H. Kühl.
Captain F.W. Keppler.
Captain C.Gries.
Sold to G.A. Linblom, Åbo, Finland. Captain A.D. Hårdh was put in command of the vessel.
Wrecked at the entrance to the harbour of East London on voyage from Melbourne with a cargo of wheat. The cable parted during towage into the harbour and the current swept the Orient aground.


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