Port Patrick

A full-rigged steel ship built in 1889 by Russell & Co., Port Glasgow. Dimensions 260'2"×38'2"×23'0" and 1666 GRT, 1594 NRT, 1599 tons under deck and 2800 DWT.
Launched at the shipyard of Russell & Co., Port Glasgow, for Crawford & Rowat, Glasgow. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 97581 and signal ____. Captain D. Anton was appointed as master of the ship.
1894 - 1895 January 10
Sailed from Oregon to Queenstown in 98 days.
Was struck by a squall off Cleft Island on voyage from Port Elizabeth to Newcastle, NSW, in ballast. The ship broached to and drifted out of control towards the reefs. As the anchors would not hold, Captain Galloway and the crew decided to abandon the ship and were later picked up by the steamer Abergeldie on voyage from Port Pirie to Sydney. Two tugs were sent out to save the ship and the tug Champion found the ship at anchor just off the reefs and brought her back to Melbourne.
1907 January 2
Collided with a lightship leaving Astoria for Europe with a cargo of grain under command of Captain Sainty. The next day she struck an unchartered shoal and was in great danger of foundering before the ship could be floated off. The carpenter was washed overboard and drowned while trying to repair the damage. The ship subsequently put back to Victoria for repairs.
Sailed from Caleta Coloso to Dunkirk in 130 days.
1913 July
Sold to O.A. Färdig, Nystad, Finland. The Finnish measurements were 1740 GRT and 1595 NRT. Captain Axel Jansén was given command of the ship.
Sold to Nystad Ocean Ship Co. In command of Captain F.I. Rinne.
Sold to J. Saarinen and partners, Nystad.
Sold to German owners [to be broken up?].


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