Rickmer Rickmers

Three-masted steel barque built in 1896 by AG Rickmers, Bremerhaven. Dimensions: 79,00×12,20×7,70 meters and tonnage: 1946 GRT.
1896 July 27
AG Rickmers, Bremerhaven, for Rickmers Reismühlen, Reederei und Schiffbau AG, Bremerhaven. Assigned the German signal QGHF [?]. Captain August Walsen was given command of the new ship.
1911 October 21 - 1912 February 23
Sailed from Pisagua to Lizard Point in 125 days.
1912 March 25
Sold to Reederei C. Krabbenhöft, Hamburg, for DEM 115.000 and was remaned the Max.
1916 February 26
Confiscated by the Portuguese Government at Horta and was given the name Flores.
Rebuilt as a sail training ship for the Portuguese Navy and was renamed the Sagres.
1961 September
Taken out of service and was renamed the Santo André and used as a storage ship.
1983 April 28
Sold to "Windjammer für Hamburg" and was given back her original name Rickmer Rickmers. Was towed to Hamburg where the ship arrived on the 7th of May.
Presently a museum ship in the harbour of Hamburg.


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