River Boyne

An iron barque built in 1867 by Dobie & Co., Glasgow. Dimensions: 154'1"×27'8"×17'3" and tonnage: 500 GRT, 479 NRT and 480 tons under deck.
1867 january
Launched at the shipyard of Dobie & Co., Glasgow, for Hargrow & Hellon, Liverpool. Assigned the official British Reg. No. .... and signal .....
1886 November 3
Sold to John Oldrey Williamson & Day, Hamburg, and was renamed Sirius. Assigned the German signal RHCK. The German measurements were 46,87×8,55×5,37 meters and 500 GRT.
In command of Captain W. Möller.
1896 February 25
Sold at auction to Handelsbolaget L.J. Björkegren & Co. (J.D. Björkegren), Simrishamn, Sweden. Assigned the official Swedish Reg. No. 2857 and signal JGLK. The Swedish measurements were 511 GRT and 463 NRT. Captain Per Mårtensson Holm, Brantevik.
1898 October
Received rig damage during storms in the North Sea and was towed to Long Hope, Leith, where she arrived on October 20.
1899 January 11
Sold at auction to J. Jacobs, London. Repaired and renamed River Boyne.
Sold to J. Paterson & Co., Melbourne.
The final fate of the vessel is not known.


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