A steel ship built in 1892 by Charles Connell & Co., Glasgow.
Dimensions: 239'_"×36'_"×21'_" and tonnage: 2900 GRT and 1436 NRT. [Hume]
Dimensions 272'_"×40'_"×23'6" and 1962 GRT and 1869 NRT. [Lille]

Rigged in Jubilee fashion, i.e. with nothing above double top and topgallant sails.

Launched at the shipyard of Charles Connell & Co., Glasgow, for The Samoena Ship Co. (J.D. Clink), Greenock. Assigned the official British Reg. No. ____ and signal ____.
Management of the ship transferred to Lang & Fulton, Greenock.
Sold to J.A. Zachariasen, Nystad, Finland. Captain J.E. Rönnholm, Vasa.
1919 September 25
Wrecked at Hoek van Holland on voyage from New York to Rotterdam. The wreck was sold to be broken up and was blown up where she was.


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