Sierra Morena

An iron full-rigged ship built in 1875 by T.R. Oswald, Sunderland, as yard no. 149. Dimensions: 231'2"×37'2"×23'5" and tonnage: 1423 GRT, 1385 NRT and 1320 tons under deck.
1875 September
Launched at the shipyard of T.R. Oswald, Sunderland, for Thompson, Anderson & Co., Liverpool. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 74469 and signal WTDM.
Transferred to Sierra Shipping Co. Ltd. (Thompson, Anderson & Co.), Liverpool.
1897 June 25
Sold to Carl Magnus Bodén, Nordmaling, for £ 3500 and was renamed Mary Augusta. Assigned the official Swedish Reg. No. 3104 and signal JHGN. The new measurements were 69,00×11,39×7,13 meters and tonnage: 1423 GRT, 1385 NRT and 2000 DWT. Captain Carl Otto Nordin, Hernösand.
1898 October 28
Sailed from Sundsvall with a cargo of timber for Port Pirie.
1898 November 21
Wrecked west of Dunkerque.
1899 February
The wreck was sold at auction to M. Delgrange, Douai, for FRF 6900.


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