A wooden three-masted barque built of oak and pine in 1881 by Kitchin, St John, NB. Dimensions 54,35×10,7×6,22 meters and tonnage 942 NRT Finnish measurement; 972,73 BRT, 873,06 NRT and 862,16 tons under deck Swedish measurement.
Rigged with royal and single topgallant sails over double topsails. She also had a spencer sail on the main mast.
Launched at the shipyard of Kitchin, St John, NB.
Owned by S. Crerar, Halifax, NS.
Sold to J.E. Stenroos, Åland, for FIM 61.500.
Sailed from Sharpness to Havanna with cokes, 11/9 per ton.
Sailed from Mobile to Great Britain, 115/0 per ton.
Sailed from Darien (US Eastcoast) to Southampton in 39 days under Captain W. Åkerlund.
Sailed from Mariehamn - Örnsköldsvik - Cape Town - Mobile - Port Natal - Pensacola - Buenos Aires - Montevideo [?] - Gloucester under command of Captain J. Karlsson. The cargo during the last leg was wheat.
Sailed from Chatham, NB to Buenos Aires with timber; La Plata - Cork with grain.
Sailed from Cardiff to Port Nolloth with coal; Amhurts, NS - Dublin with timber.
Sailed from Åland to West Hartlepool with pitprops, 21/6 per std.
Sailed from Uleborg to London with splitwood, 29/6 per std.
Sailed from Jamacia to Riga with logwood.
1913 February 4
Sold to Sigrid Magdalena Lovisa Björkegren, Simrishamn, Sweden, for FIM 31.000. Swedish Reg. No. 5445, Code Letters JTGF. Master Pehr Larsson Wickman, Östra Hoby.
1914 [?]
Laid up in Malmö at the beginning of the war.
1915 June
Sailed to England with a cargo of split wood.
1915 October 26
Sailed from Burntisland for Malmö, Sweden with 1228 tons of coal. Was lost in the North Sea.
1915 October 31
One of the ship's boats with the corpses of three men was found 7-8 miles NNO from Lybster by the English steamer Ocean Queen.

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