A six-masted schooner built of wood in 1909 by Percy & Small, Bath, MA. Dimensions: 329'6"×50'1"×30'5" and tonnage 3730,54 GRT, 3036,21 NRT, and 6004 DWT. She was built of yellow pine with 6" planking and there was 90 diagonal iron cross-bracings on each side. Equipped with a Hyde windlass and a donkey steam engine. Crew of 11 hands.
1909 December 15
Launched at the shipyard of Percy & Small, Bath, MA, for their own account. Captain Angus McLeod, Somerville, MA.
Sold to J.S. Winslow & Co., Portland, ME, for $400.000. [?]
Sold to France & Canada Steamship Co. for about $350.000. By October 1, 1919, she had paid for her more than twice and was chartered to load coal at Norfolk for Genoa at $23,50 per ton.
Sold to Captain A.W. Frost & Co., Portland.
1924 March 3
Left Norfolk, VA, under command of Captain Charles Glaesel, for St John, New Brunswick, with a cargo of coal.
1924 March 10
Anchored off Chathamto ride out a gale in the Nantucket Sound together with the five.masted schooner Cora F. Cressey which had left Norfolk at the same time as the Wyoming. Captain H. Publicover in the Cora F. Cressey weighed anchor at dusk and stood out to sea.
1924 March 11 [?]
The Wyoming is believed to have foundered east of the Pollock Rip Lightship and the entire crew was lost.

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