CIPPERS.-- The ship Flying Fish, Capt. Nickels, from Boston Nov. 6th, arrived at San Francisco, Feb. 15. She crossed the Equator in 18½ days, doubled Cape Horn in 49 days, was 79 days to the Equator on the Pacific. She had light winds nearly the whole passage. She made 1194 miles the first four days after leaving Boston. The clipper ship Celestial, Capt. Palmer, from New York Nov. 1, arrived at San Francisco, Feb. 17. She was 56 days to Cape Horn, and like Flying Fish, had light winds. The ship Sword Fish, Capt. Babcock, from New York, Nov. 9, arrived at San Francisco, Feb. 10, making the passage in 92 days, the second best on record. The ship R.B. Forbes, Capt. Doane, made the passage from Boston to Honlulu, in 99 days.

Boston Daily Atlas, March 16, 1852.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius.

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