Allyn's Patent Capstan.

This new and valuable improvement is entirely superceding the use of all other Capstans in the Mercantile and Naval marine. The general interest taken in the intention by a large class of our mercantile community, has induced us to give a brief account of its construction and operation. It combines perfect simplicity with great strength. The mechanical power as applied in this Capstan is well known and appreciated, and it does seem really remarkable that the discovery of its adaptation for this purpose, should not have been made at an earlier period, with the want that has existed. The arrangement of the head is similar to that of other Capstans. The invention consists in the combination and arrangement of the powers. In traversing in one direction great speed is acquired by simply working from a large to small centre, with sufficient power for warping and similar work; while by the reverse motion great power can be obtained in working from large to small gears. The increase power obtained is immense; eight men give the power of sixty-four men. This great power is often of essential services in breaking ground, when the speed of the reverse can be instantly applied, without changing gears the barrel continues in motion. A four inch new Manilla rope has been broken with one of these Capstans by one man, with a common handspike.

The invention has now been before the public and on sale nearly a year, and a large number are now in use by the most experienced ship masters, and in every instance they have given entire satisfaction.

The Messrs. Train now have five, and intend adopting them exclusively.

Donald McKay, Esq., highly approves of the three he has in use, and will adopt them in all hips ships.

Capt. Green Waldron, of the Revenue Services, the nature of whose employment is particularly calculated to test the value of this article, commends it highly.

Messrs. Howland & Aspinwall, of New York, used one for getting in the machinery of the San Francisco, and the Superintendent stated that a large sum was saved in the expense there by its use.

Messrs. Bordens of Fall River, have one in use on the Empire State steamer, and have ordered three for their new boat, the Metropolitan.

Numerous other instances equally worthy of mentions, could be cited; on the Lakes quite a number are in use. Our enterprising townsmen, Messrs. Hobbs & Prescott, who have so long and ably catered for the public, in the omnibus business, are proprietors with the inventors of this capstan, and have engaged in its manufacture, in this city. The demand is at present greater than they are able to supply, and they are about the engage in a manufactory, in the vicinity of New York, for the supply of that market. They have relinquished all active attention to the omnibus business and intend, devoting themselves to this new field of enterprise.

Capt. Geo. P. Tewksbury, the agent of Crane's Chain Stoppers, Francis Life Boats, patent hanks, life seats [?], &c., &c., is also the agent of Allyn's Capstan. In this port at present, the following ships have this valuable capstan: The Mary Robertson, Champion of the Seas, Cowper, Red Gauntlet, Mariner, Grace Darling, Midnight, Fatherland, and many others. We cannot speak too highly of this capstan.

Boston Daily Atlas, 1854, May 27.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius

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