Champion of the Seas

An extreme clipper ship built in 1854 by Donald McKay, East Boston, for the Black Ball Line of Liverpool. Dimensions: 252'×45'7"×29' and tonnage 2448 tons. Built with three decks. The figurehead was a sailor with a hat in the right hand and the left extended. The ship was painted black outside and white inside, with blue water-ways.

1854 April 19
Launched at the shipyard of Donald McKay, East Boston, for the Black Ball Line, Liverpool.
1854 June
Sailed from New York to Liverpool in 29 days under command of Captain Alexander Newlands.
1854 October 11 - December 26
Her maiden voyage Liverpool - Melbourne took 75 days during which a 24 hour run of 465 miles was recorded.
Sailed Melbourne-Liverpool in 84 days.
Sailed Liverpool-Melbourne in 83 days under command of Captain John McKirby.
Sailed from Melbourne to Liverpool where she arrived on January 25, 1856, in 90 days.
Sailed Liverpool-Melbourne in 85 days.
1857 August 10
Sailed with troops for India from Portsmouth to the Bay of Bengal together with James Baines. Arrived at Sandheads after 101 days.
1860 January 1 - March 26
Sailed Melbourne-Liverpool in 85 days.
Sold to Thomas Harrison and Thomas Sully Stowe for £ 9750, but chartered back to the Black Ball Line for three more voyages until September 1868, after which she was put into general trading.
1874 February
After having found that she was badly affected by dry rot she was subsequently sold to A. Cassels of Liverpool for £ 7500.
1875 July
Arrived at San Francisco from Hong Kong after 39 days under command of Captain Wilson.
1875 October 5
Arrived at Callao after 45 days from San Francisco.
1877 January 3
Abandoned off Cape Horn in leaking condition with a cargo of guano. The crew was saved by the British barque Windsor.


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