A medium clipper ship built in 1851 by Samuel Hall, East Boston. Dimensions 190×38'4"×25' and tonnage 1304,4/1264 tons. The figurehead was a female figure in flowing white garments, with her right arm extending carrying a gilded globe in her hand.
Launched at the shipyard of Samuel Hall, East Boston, for D.C. Bacon & Sons, Boston.
1851 - May 28
Sailed from Boston to San Francisco in 127 days under command of Captain John Chadwick. Lost the fore and main topmasts three days out and had to put into Rio de Janeiro for repairs.
1852 July 1
Sailed from San Francisco for Shanghai. Arrived at Honolulu 12 days out.
1852 August 20
Stranded in the river up to Shanghai and become a total loss. The insurance value was $ 74.000.


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