Sir Lancelot

An extreme composite clipper ship built in 1865 by Robert Steele & Co., Greenock. Dimensions: 197'6"×33'7"×21'0" and tonnage: 886 NRT and 847 tons under deck. She had double topsails on the fore and main masts and was equipped with a single mizzen roller-reefing topsail of Cunningham's patent.
Launched at the shipyard of Robert Steele & Co., Greenock, for MacDunn. Her first master was Captain McDougall.
Captain Richard Robinson replaced Captain McDougall.
1866 December 13
Was completely dis-masted down to the lower iron masts off Ushant.
1867 June 16 - September 23
Sailed from Woosung to London with 1.255.041 pounds of tea in 96 days land to land.
1867 October 26 - February 5
Sailed from London to Hong Kong in 94 days from Cowes.
Sailed from Foochow to London with a cargo of tea in 98 days, beaten by Spindrift with 23 hours.
1868 October 3 - January 10
Sailed from London to Hong Kong in 99 days.
1869 July 17 - October 14
Sailed from Foochow to London with a cargo of tea in 89 days, which is the best passage on record.
Sold to Visram Ibrahim, India, and was put on the India - Mauritius trade under command of Captain C.W. Brebner.
Sold to Persian owners.
1895 October 1
Is supposed to have foundered in a cyclone off the Sands Head, Calcutta, with a cargo of salt from the Red Sea.

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