Wild Pigeon

An extreme clipper ship built in 1851 by George Raynes, Portsmouth, NH. Her dimensions were 189'(loa)×39'9"×20' and tonnage 996 tons American measurement and 768 tons British measurement.

Was reduced to barque rig in 1880s.

1851 July 31
Launched at the shipyard of George Raynes, Portsmouth, NH, for Olyphant & Co., New York.
1851 October 13 - January 28
Sailed from New York to San Francisco in 107 days under command of Captain George W. Putnam late of the packet ship Sunbeam.
1852 October 12 - February 7
Sailed from New York to San Francisco in 118 days.
Sailed from New York to San Francisco in 126 days under command of Captain Hanson.
Sailed from San Francisco to Hong Kong in 50 days.
1854 April 4 - July 20
Sailed from Whampoa to New York in 107 days against the monsoon. The Wild Pigeon passed Anjer in company with the clipper ship Sweepstakes. The Flying Fish had passed Anjer four days earlier. All three ships arrived in New York on the same day, with the Wild Pigeon ahead.
1857 December 16 - March 23
Sailed from Shanghai to New York in 98 days.
Put in the New York - Chile trade under command of Captain Mayhew.
1863 December 5 - February 21
Sailed from Caldera to New York in 78 days.
Put under British flag.
1865 January 17 - April 7
Sailed from New York to Valparaiso in 80 days.
Sold for $35.000.
Listed as the spanish ship Bella Juana, Barcelona. Later renamed to Voladora.
1892 February 17
Abandoned in sinking condition at 27°N, 68°W.


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