Port Jackson

A four-masted iron ship build in 1882 by A. Hall & Co., Aberdeen, to the design Alexander Duthie. Dimensions: 87,22×12,51×7,67 meters [286'2"×41'1"×25'2"] and tonnage 2212 GRT and 2132 NRT. Rigged with royal sails above double top and topgallant sails.

1882 August
Launched at the shipyard of A. Hall & Co., Aberdeen, for W. Duthie, Aberdeen. The cost for ship was £29.000. Assigned the Official British No. 84362 and signal QPLM. Captain B. Crombie.
Sailed from the English Channel to Sydney in 77 days,
Sold to Devitt & Moore, London. Captain A.S. Cutler.
1906 May 4
Captain G. Perkins Ward late of the barque Earl Cadogan was given command as Captain Cutler died before it was time to sail.
1906 May 30
Collided with the Hamburg-Levant Line steamer Pyrgos in the English Channel and received damaged above the waterline. Was towed back to the South West India Docks for repairs.
1906 June 28 - November 1
Sailed from Gravesend to Sydney in 126 days.
1907 January 10
Sailed from Sydney to Gravesend in 100 days.
Captain Charles Maitland, late of the same owner's ship Illawarra, succeeded Captain Ward.
Sold to Hessler & Co., West Hartlepool, for £8600. Captain Maitland was replaced by the first mate G.R. Masters.
1917 April 28
Sunk by a German submarine some 180 miles WtN of Fastnet at 51°N, 16°20'W on voyage Buenos Aires to Cork. The British destroyer Narwal saved 15 men of the crew.

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