A four-masted barque built of steel in 1907 by Burmeister & Wain, Copenhagen, at a total cost of DKK 591.000. Her dimensions are 97,.35×13,96×7,33 meters [293'8×45'9×23'8] and with a tonnage of 2959 GRT, 2665 NRT and 4000 DWT. Rigged with royal sails over double top and topgallant sails. Equipped with Capt. Jarvis' brace-winches.

1906 December 01
Launched at the shipyard of Burmeister & Wain, Copenhagen, as a sail training ship for AS "Den Danske Handelsflaadens Skoleskib for Befalningsmænd", Copenhagen.
1907 March 18
Capsized at the fitting out warf and severely damaged the rigging.
1915 May
Sold to De Forenede Dampskibs AS for DKK 320.000.
1929 July
Gustav Erikson, Mariehamn, bought the ship for £ 6500. The first Finnish master was Captain Ivar Hägerström.
Sailed from Copenhagen to Port Lincoln in 84 days.
Laid up at Mariehamn due to the war.
Used as a floating grain storage in Stockholm, Sweden.
Towed to Åbo/Turku, Finland, with a cargo of grain.
Sent with a cargo of timber to East London and then with a cargo of wheat from Port Victoria to London.
Viking and Passat loaded deals for East London and Table Bay. Both ships carried passengers. Viking arrived at East London after 93 days.
Laid up in Antwerpen for two years.
After having been laid up in Rotterdam, the Viking was sold to Gothenburg, Sweden, for SEK 261.000 to be used as a stationary school ship.

Presently preserved as a museum [?] ship in Gothenburg, Sweden.


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