A three-masted full-rigged iron ship built in 1888 at the Shipbuilding Company, Whitehaven. Her measurements are 71,10×11,40×5,60 meters [243'1"×37'5"×21'5"] and with a tonnage of 1425 GRT, 1380 NRT and 1316 tons under deck.
1888 March
Launched at the shipyard of the Whitehaven Shipbuilding Company, Whitehaven, for the Dubliner shipping line of Charles E. Martin & Co. on the Australia trade.
In command of Captain John O'Neill.
1888 March 31 - May 17
Sailed from Whitehaven to Portland, OR, in 130 days.
1888 September 19 - January 14
Sailed from Astoria to Liverpool in 117 days.
1889 February 22 - May 17
Sailed from Liverpool to Sydney in 84 days.
1905 November 12 - January 31
Sailed from London to Freemantle in 80 days.
Sold to Leif Gundersen, Porsgrund, Norway, for £ 3625. Captain L.O. Hamre was given command of the new ship.
Sold to Emil Knudsen, Lillesand.
1915 August 15
Sold to the Swedish shipping line Rederiaktiebolaget Transatlantik, Gothenburg, for £ 7500 and was renamed G.D. Kennedy. She was now converted into a freight carrying training ship mainly sailing on the Scandinavian - Australian trade. Assigned the Official Swedish Reg. No. 5734 and signal JVKL.
The Swedish Royal Navy bought the ship in 1923 for use as a sail training ship and renamed her the af Chapman after the famous 18th century naval architect Fredrik Henrik af Chapman (1721-1808).
Taken out of active service.
Since 1949 the af Chapman is owned by the City of Stockholm and serving as a youth hostel run by the Swedish Tourist Association.

Image: Moored at Skeppsholmen, Stockholm.


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