A composite full-rigged built in 1868 by W. Pile & Co., Sunderland. Dimensions: 203'0"×36'2"×21'5" and tonnage: 1179 GRT, 1120 NRT and 994 tons under deck. Equiiped with two decks and had a forecastle which was 36' long and a poop of 74'.

Had the reputation of being the wettest ship of the wool-fleet.

1868 November
Launched at the shipyard of W. Pile & Co., Sunderland, for Devitt & Moore, London. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 60903 and signal JHWR. Employed in the Australian cargo and passenger trade.
In command of Captain Philip Sayers.
1875 October 25 - February 15
Sailed from Sydney to London in 113 days with a cargo of wool.
In command of Captain D.B. Carvosso late of the same owner's ship the La Hogue.
1878 December 5 - March 6
Sailed from Sydney to London in 91 days with a cargo of wool.
1880 September 30 - December 27
Sailed from Sydney to London in 88 days with a cargo of wool.
In command of Captain W. Osborne.
1883 February 8 - May 12
Sailed from Sydney to London in 93 days with a cargo of wool.
1883 December 7 - March 10
Sailed from Sydney to London in 93 days with a cargo of wool.
1884 November 26 - February 28
Sailed from Sydney to London in 94 days with a cargo of wool.
Sold to Wilson, Son & Co., London.
1888 September
Sold to Johan Ingmansson, Mörrum, & Otto Banck, Helsingborg, Sweden.
In command of Captain Peter Norfelt, Helsingborg.
1894 January 20
Arrived to Sölvesborg from Antwerpen with a cargo of 140 tons of coal. Repaired and rerigged as a barque.
1895 November 13
Arrived to Gothenburg from New York.
1896 January 20
Passed Dover on voyage from Gothenburg to Santos.
1896 December 30
Arrived to New York from the Far East.
Sold to W.O. Bauch, Helsingborg.
In command of Captain Nils Andersson, Höganäs.
1897 December 31
Arrived to Port Elizabeth from Gefle.
1898 February 17 - April 17
Sailed from Port Elizabeth to Savannah.
1898 May c25 - June 3
Sailed from Savannah to Hamburg.
1898 November 16
Sailed from St John's to Buenos Ayres.
1899 October 10
Arrived to Cardiff from Danzig.
1899 November
Sold to Captain G. Moltedo, Genoa, and was renamed Pinin. Captain Moltedo was also the master of the ship.
1904 November
Stranded on the Goodwin Sands in bad weather. The London tug Hibernia which was towing a French sailing ship to the Downs came to the assistance and managed to get her off the sands with the help if the Deal lifeboat and boatmen.
1905 March
Broken up at Dunkirk.


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