John Rennie

An iron full-rigged ship built in 1863 by J. & G. Rennie, London. Dimensions: 177'0"×32'6"×20'7" and tonnage: 848 GRT, 848 NRT and 782 tons under deck. The forecastle was 28' long and the poop 36'.
1863 September
Launched at the shipyard of J. & G. Rennie, London, for Daniell & Co., London. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 48552 and signal VTGQ.
Sold to Devitt & Moore, London. Employed in the Australian trade.
1872 - 1877
In command of Captain Samuel Nicholson.
1877 - 1882
In command of Captain Malcolm Nicholson.
1882 - 1889
In command of Captain F. Northey.
1889 - 1890 June
In command of Captain Charles Maitland.
Reduced to barque rig.
Sold to W.B. Jones, Swansea.
1892 August 4
Abandoned at sea in position 58°S, 70°W after the cargo had shifted in a strong gale. She was on voyage from South Shields to Valparaiso with a heavy cargo of iron, lead and coal.


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