Port Errol

A steel fullrigged ship built in 1894 by Russell & Co., Port Glasgow, as yard no. 363. Dimensions: 254'3"×39'0"×23'7" and tonnage: 1935 GRT, 1785 NRT, 3000 DWT and .... tons under deck.
Launched at the shipyard of Russell & Co., Port Glasgow, for Crawford & Rowat, Glasgow. Assigned the official British Reg. No. .... and signal .....
1895 January 21
Left Glasgow on the maiden voyage to Melbourne with general cargo, but caught fire before the pilot had left ship. The ship was scuttled to put out the fire but the rigging was destroyed. The wreck was subsequently raised.
1895 March 18
Sold at auction to Otto Banck, Helsingborg, and Johan Ingemansson, Mörrum, Sweden. Towed to Sölvesborg where she was repiared at the owner's shipyard. She got the rig from the fullrigged ship Accrington which was being broken up. The ship was renamed Svea and registered for Handelsbolaget Sölvesborgs Skeppsvarf (O. Banck & J. Ingmarsson), Sölvesborg. Assigned the official Swedish Reg. No. 3096 and signal JHGC.
In command of Captain Anders William Eek, Helsingborg.
1897 November 3 - February 18
Sailed from Helsingborg to Freemantle with cargo of timber from Hudiksvall.
Arrived at Cape Town on voyage from Cardiff.
In command of Captain Carl Petter Jönsson Norrthon, Höganäs.
1901 June 3
Sold to Rhederei J. Thiedemann & Co. KG, Bremen, for £ 14.200 and was renamed Oregon.
1912 April
Sold to A/S Fritz Smith (J. Prebensen Jr), Risør, Norway, for £ 5700 and was renamed Fritz Smith.
1916 July
Sold to Holmestrands Rederi A/S (E. Harstad), Holmestrand.
1917 January
Renamed Ekelund.
1917 June
Sold to Skibs A/S Fremad (J.M. Jacobsen & Co.), Sandefjord.
1921 January
Abandoned at sea in position 7°32'N, 32°57'W when the cargo of coal had caught fire on voyage from Durban to Sarpsborg.


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