A REGULAR LINE OF PACKETS TO SAN FRANCISCO. -- Messrs. Glidden & Williams have organized a line of packets to sail regularly from this port for San Francisco every month certain, and oftener, according to the requirements of the trade. During the past six months they have despatched the following splendid clippers: -- Witch of the Wave, Syren, Raven, Flying Fish, John Bertram, and Hoogly; also the fine new ship Roebuck, and all regularly on the days they were severally advertised to sail. They are now loading the clipper Argonaut, which will sail on the 20th inst, and be succeeded by the new and beautiful clipper ship Antelope, which will sail on the 1st proxime. After her will follow another clipper ship, and also the well known favorite ship T.B. Wales, which will sail on the 20th of March. These vessels are all consigned to Messrs. Flint, Peabody & Co., at San Francisco. This well known firm have made arrangements with Messrs. Glidden & Williams, by which parties in San Francisco can secure passages in this line of packets for their friends here, who wish to emigrate to San Francisco. Considering the vast number of passengers at present waiting at Panama for the means of transportation to San Francisco, it is believed that many starting from here will reach their port of destination quicker by the ships of this line, than if they were to take their chance at Panama. Messrs. Glidden & Williams, in this city, and Messrs. Flint, Peabody & Co., at San Francisco, are so intimately acquainted with the whole details of the trade between the two ports, that all who transact business with them may rest assured, that whatever they undertake will be punctually and faithfully performed.

The Boston Daily Atlas, February 13, 1852.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius.

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