A four-masted steel barque built in 1902 by Russell & Co., Port Glasgow, at a cost of $ 270.000 (approx. £ 54.000). Dimensions 107,10×14,95×8,58 meters [351'5"×49'1"×28'2"] and tonnage 3756 GRT, 3599 NRT and 3651 tons under deck. Rigged with with royal sails above double top and topgallant sails. Together with her near sister-ship Brilliant the largest four-masted barques ever built. She had two decks and was equipped with a donkey engine and two steam winches.

1902 January
Launched at the shipyard of Russell & Co., Port Glasgow, for Anglo-American Oil Co., London. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 114182. Captain J. Reade was given command of the new ship.
Captain H. Nickerson, Nova Scota.
Was scuttled and sunk in the harbour of Yokkaichi, Japan, to extinguish a fire onboard.
Sailed from Kobe to New York in 119 days. She was 10° north of the Equator 84 days out from Kobe.
1906 May
Captain John McBryde late of the same owner's four-masted barque Eclipse replaced Captain Nickerson who left to take command of the William P. Frye.
1907 May
Sailed from New York with a cargo of 35.000 cases of kerosene oil for Melbourne where she arrived after 79 days.
Sailed from Vizagapatam to Philadelphia in 145 days [with a cargo of manganese ore?].
Sailed from Hong Kong with a cargo of tea and maté to Cape Henry in 109 days.
1909 July
Sailed from New York to Anjer in 86 days.
Rebuild in New York to carry oil in bulk in the main tank.
1910 December 24
Sailed from New York to Bombay in 130 days.
Sailed from New York to Bombay.
1911 June 24
Sailed from Bombay to Diamond Shoals in 115 days.
Sailed from Hong Kong to the Five Fathom Bank Lightship, Delaware Capes, in 87 days.
Sold to Tank Storage & Carriage Co., London. Captain C. Anderson.
Sold to Standard Transportation Co., Hong Kong. Captain H.A Smith.
1920 October
Sailed from San Francisco to Manila with 150.235 cases of kerosene.
1921 June
Arrived to San Francisco from Manila with 1428 tons of copra.
Sold to Charles Nelson & Co., San Francisco, for $ 22.500. To be used in the timber trade, but her deep tanks made her less suitable for loading long timber and she was laid up in Oakland Creek, San Francisco Bay.
1924 April
Sold to the Daylight Ship Co. Ltd. (James Griffiths & Sons), Seattle. Rigged down to her lower masts and used as barge to carry gypsum from the Santa Marcos Island to Long Beach, CA.
Captain W. Stone.
Laid up in Winslow, WA.
Sold to Murray Simonsen, Brazil,
Rerigged as an aux. four-masted barquentine and given the name Tangara. Equipped with a pair of 400 hp Skandia diesel engines.
Broken up.


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