Preserved boats and ships.

In the following list of preserved boats and ships built before 1900, certain archaeological finds such as the Utrecht boats have been excluded while other have been included.

Built Last
Vessel Type Location
c2583 BC Cheops boat Egypt.
c800 c800 Oseberg ship vikingship Oslo, Norway.
c850 c850 Gokstad ship vikingship Oslo, Norway.
1380 1380 Bremer cog cog Bremenhaven, Germany.
c1590 1903 Kadirga galley Deniz Müzesi, Istambul, Turkey.
17th Royal barge barge Palacio Real, Aranjuez, Spain.
1627 1961 Wasa 64-gun ship Stockholm, Sweden.
c1660-85 State Barge of Charles II barge Royal Naval Museum, Portsmouth, Great Britain
1688 Svjatoj Nicolaj boat Central Naval Museum, St Petersburg, Russia.
c1689-92 Fortuna boat Botik Museum, Pereslavl-Zameskij, Russia.
1689 1919 Queen Mary's Shallop barge National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, Great Britain.
c1690 "Peter I's boat" Russian shallop Sjöhistoriska Museet, Stockholm, Sweden.
1691 William III's barge barge National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, Great Britain.
1704 Verejaka boat Tsar Peter's House, St Petersburg, Russia.
1710 Queen Anne's barge barge National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, Great Britain.
1711 Galeota Grande barge Museu de Marinha, Lisbon, Portugal.
1732 1849 Prince Frederick's barge barge National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, Great Britain.
c1750 1923 Galeota Pequena barge Museu de Marinha, Lisbon, Portugal.
1765 1922 HMS Victory 100-gun ship Portsmouth, Great Britain.
1774 1997 Wasaorden barge Stockholm, Sweden.
1776 1776 Philadelphia gunboat Washington, DC, USA.
1778 1957 Prince Joao's barge barge Museu de Marinha, Lisbon, Portugal.
1780 1923 Royal barge barge Orlogsmuseet, Copenhagen, Denmark.
c1782 1998 Suphanna Hongse barge Bangkok, Thailand.
1787 Galten barge Statens Sjöhistoriska Museum, Stockholm.
1787 Delfinen barge Statens Sjöhistoriska Museum, Stockholm.
1790 Saveira Dourada barge Museu de Marinha, Lisbon, Portugal.
c1790 Courir sloop Hardanger, Norway.
c1790 Barge of Carlos IV barge Palacio Real, Aranjuez, Spain.
c1790 Galeota da Alfandega barge Museu de Marinha, Lisbon, Portugal.
1791 Peggy 2-m schooner Castletown, Isle of Man, Great Britain.
1797 1998 USS Constitution frigate Boston, MA, USA.
1811 1903 Le canot de l'Empereur barge Musée de la Marine, Paris, France.
1815 Queen Maria Cristina de Borbón's barge barge Palacio Real, Aranjuez, Spain.
1816 1962 De Koningsloep barge Scheepvaartmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
1817 1998 HMS Trincomalee frigate West Hartlepool, Great Britain.
c1822 1922 Barge of the First Emperor of Brazil barge Brazil
1824 1998 HMS Unicorn frigate Dundee, Great Britain.
1830 1998 Falken boat Marinmuseum, Karlskrona, Sweden.
c1830 1998 Constable barge River Stour Trust, Bures, Great Britain.
1831 Prince Miguel's barge barge Museu de Marinha, Lisbon, Portugal.
1841 1998 Charles W. Morgan whaler Mystic, CT, USA.
1842 1998 Dom Fernando II e Gloria frigate Portugal.
1843 1998 Biskopen / Biskopinnan boat Marinmuseum, Karlskrona, Sweden.
1843 Great Britain steamship Museum, Bristol, Great Britain.
1844 1998 Bertha Brunel drag-boat ISCA Maritime Museum [?], Bristol, Great Britain.
1844 1998 The King's Shallop barge Marinmuseum, Karlskrona, Sweden.
1846 Kaia ketch Karmøy, Norway.
1848 Anna af Sand sloop Stavanger, Norway.
c1850 Forsøget sloop Narvik, NOR
1852 Jensine cutter Denmark.
1853 Edwin Fox ship Picton, NZL
1854 Ruth sloop Museum, Danmark.
1855 USS Constellation sloop-of-war Baltimore, MD, USA
1856 Isla Ebusitana 2-m schooner San Remo, Italy.
1857 Frøia schooner Norway.
1860 Jylland steam frigate Ebeltoft, DNK
1860 HMS Warrior steam frigate Portsmouth, GBR
1863 Star of India ex Euterpe ship San Diego, CA, USA
1864 Adella sloop Norway.
1864 Carrick ex City of Adelaide ship Glasgow, GBR
1865 Oline Hardanger sloop Museum, Norway.
1866 Emma C. Berry Noank smack USA
1866 Joble sloop/motor vessel Tancarville, FRA
1867 Grönland sloop Museum, Germany
1867 May Queen ketch Hobart, AUS
1867 R.H. Becker schooner USA
1868 Anna Rogde 2-m schooner Norway.
1869 Cutty Sark, tea-clipper. Greenwich, GBR
1870 Annie Watt ketch Museum, Australia.
1871 Stephen Taber 2-m schooner USA
1871 Lewis R. French 2-m schooner USA
1872 ? cutter Loppa, NOR
1873 Gjøa sloop Museum, Norway.
1874 James Craig ex Clan MacLeod barque Sydney, AUS
1874 Joseph Conrad ex Georg Stage ship Mystic Harbour, CT, USA
1874 Isefjord schooner Denmark.
1874 Meiji Maru iron ship Tokyo, JPN
1874 Uruguay barque rigged gunboat Buenos Aires, ARG
1875 Trui botter The Netherlands.
1876 Mina 2-m schooner Sweden.
1877 Abel Tasman barquentine rigged gunboat Delfzijl, NLD
1877 1999 Elissa 3-m barque. Houston, TX, USA
1877 Governer Stone 2-m sch USA
1878 1999 Falls of Clyde 4-m ship Honolulu, Hawaii, HI, USA
1878 Gannet aux. barque rigged naval sloop Chatham, GBR
1878 Lena sloop-rigged kraak Rotterdam, NLD
1879 Wanderbird ex Elbe 2 2-m schooner Sausolito, CA, USA
1882 Grace Bailey 2-m sch USA
1882 1999 Josph Conrad ex Georg Stage iron ship Mystic, CT, USA
1883 Christeen sloop USA
1884 Little Jennie 2-m schooner Huntington, NY, USA
1885 Pilgrimmen ketch Sweden.
1885 Pioneer 2-m schooner NY, USA
1885 Polly Woodside ship Melbourne, AUS
1885 1999 Wavertree ex Southgate ship New York, USA
1886 1999 Balclutha ship San Francisco, CA, USA
1886 Isaac H. Evans ex Boyd N. Sheppard schooner USA
1887 Ane Catherine ever Esbjerg, DNK
1887 1999 Sigyn barquentine Åbo, FIN
1887 Undine sloop Auckland, NZL
1888 1999 af Chapman ex Dunboyne ship Stockholm, SWE
1888 Equador schooner/steamer Everett, WA, USA
1888 Pricilla 2-m schooner West Sayville, NY, USA
1889 Anna Kristina Hardanger ketch NOR
1889 Edna E. Lockwood bugeye Museum, USA
1891 1999 Alma 2-m scow schooner Museum, USA.
1891 Nellie & Mary 2-m schooner Bridgetown, NJ, USA
1891 Speranza ketch Sweden.
1892 Sarpen ketch Sweden
1892 Fram 3-m aux. schooner Oslo, NOR
1893 Colin Archer ketch Oslo, NOR
1893 Dawn of the Day cutter Sweden.
1893 Lettie G. Howard schooner Museum, USA.
1893 Result 3-m schooner Great Britain.
1894 Ernestina ex Effie M. Morrissey 2-m schooner USA.
1895 1999 C.A. Thayer 3-m schooner Museum, USA.
1895 Oscar Tybring I ketch San Diego, CA, USA
1896 Giorgio Cini barquentine ITA [?]
1896 1999 Glenlee barque Glasgow, GBR
1896 1999 Rickmer Rickmers barque Hamburg, DEU
1897 1999 Najaden ship Halmstad, SWE
1897 Presidente Sarmiento ship Buenos Ayres, ARG
1897 Wawona 3-m schooner Seattle, WA, USA.
1897 Skidbladner II ketch Denmark.
1898 Ellen ketch Sweden.
1899 Amalia ketch Sweden.
1899 1999 Jarramas ship Karlskrona, SWE
1899 Wm. B. Tennison 2-m schooner Solomons, MD, USA
1899 Jens Krogh ketch Denmark.

18th Commissioner of the Navy's wherry barge National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, Great Britain.
18th Commissioner of the Navy's wherry barge National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, Great Britain.

This list has been created by merging three different lists which have resulted in a terminlogy and format which is not consistent through the list. In certain instances ISO 3166 three character country codes have been used.

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